is to uplift and empower our clients, while providing the highest quality organic products and services for your hair and body. ~Ananda & Katie 

Our mission:

-Hair Services- (All are starting at prices) -Women’s haircut  $35 -Men’s haircut  $25 -All over color  $55 -Partial foil  $70 -Partial foil with color  $100 -Full foil  $110 -Full foil with color  $135 -Ombre  $100 -Men’s color  $30 -Gloss with service  $20 -Up do  $50 -Shampoo & style  $30 -Essential oil deep conditioning treatment with service  $25 -OTHER SERVICES- -Brow shaping  $15 -Lip wax  $10 -Chin wax  $10 -Brow tint  $10 -Makeup application  $25  -HAIR EXTENSIONS- (Hairdreams) -Volumizing starter $225 -Thick and rich  $450 -Long and luxurious  $925-$1200 



-Lash Extensions- *Basic Full set: $105.00 (about ¾ of lashes) -65 minutes *Premier Full set: $135.00 (nearly every single lash that can hold an extension)   -95 minutes *Half set: $65.00 -45 minutes *Trial Set: $40.00 (for those who have never had extensions and want to see if they will like them, or only want a few, about 30 per eye) -30 minutes
*1 week fill: $35.00 -30 minutes *2 weeks fill: $45.00 -40 minutes *3 week fill: $55.00 -50 minutes *4 week fill: $65.00 -60 minutes *Lash Removal: $20.00 - 20 minutes *Lower Lashes: $25.00 -20 minutes (Not suitable for sensitive eyes) Add Ons: *Glitter Lashes: $15.00, 3 per eye *Colored Lashes: $10.00, 10 per eye *Swarovski crystal Lashes: $8.00 each *Under Eye treatment: $5.00

-Waxing -

*Lip: $5


*Eyebrows: $15

*Eyebrow shaping (virgin brows or overgrown): $15

*Full Face: $30

*Half leg: $40

*Full leg: $60

*Classic Bikini: $25

*Brazilian wax: $65

*Classic bikini and full leg: $70

*Extended Bikini: $35

*Full Leg & Extended Bikini: $80

*Back: $35

*Shoulders: $15

*Chest: $35

*Tummy: $10 and up

*Under Arms $20

*Half Arm: $20

*Full Arm $30



Eye lashes: $20

Eyebrows $10

Eyelash &Eyebrows: $25

Add On’s *Microdermabrasion microderm softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation (to add on to any facial): $25.00 - 15 minutes *Glycolic or Lactic Peel for face or back facial: $15.00 *High Frequency: Helps eliminate and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles $10.00 *Eye contour treatment: De- puff eyes with cool soothing chamomile, smooth fine lines, wrinkles and under eye discolorations with stem cells and vitamin K $10.00 *Hydrating lip treatment: designed to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin and leaves lips smooth and supple. $10.00 *Arnica muscle repair treatment: This anti-inflammatory muscle and joint gel contains Arnica, Menthol and Magnesium to help reduce muscle pain and stiffness in overworked muscles. $10.00 *Wild Lime Scalp Therapy Treatment: Sparkling notes of zesty Lime, Tangerine and Pink Grapefruit invigorate the scalp and awaken the senses. $10.00 *Age defense hand treatment: Powerful antioxidants and rejuvenating botanical extracts deliver deep hydration to combat dryness and reduce the visible signs of aging. Leaves hands looking and feeling revitalized. $15.00 -10 minutes *Peppermint Foot Rub: focusing on pressure sensors in the feet and calves to release energy flow and tension. $12.000 -Packages- *Refresh My Face Package- 50 min facial with orange or tea tree essential oils, eye brow tint and wax, eye lash tint. $95, 90 minutes *Head to Toe package- 50 min facial, wild lime scalp treatment, lip hydration and foot treatment. $85, 70 minutes *Front and Back Package – 45 min facial and a 45 min aroma therapy back facial $100, 90 minutes *Deluxe Anti-Aging Package – 55 min Natural face lift facial, eye contour treatment, hydrating lip treatment, and age defense hand treatment. $120, 75 minutes *Calm my nerves Package – 50 min soothing facial with lavender or geranium essential oils, relaxing arnica muscle treatment, and peppermint foot treatment. $85, 65 minutes *Make Me a Beauty Package- The ultimate make over. Half set of lashes, eye brow tint and wax and a 45 min aromatherapy facial. $125, 100 minutes 
-SKIN- *Natural Face Lift: $120.00.  This regenerating treatment uses a plant stem cell serum to slow cellular aging and plump and firm the skin. This natural face lift treatment includes an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic cream to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum results, this facial incorporates ultrasonic and microcurrent technology that increases product penetration and stimulates collagen renewal.    -60 minutes *Clarifying Facial: $80.00. A purifying glycolic peel refines the skin and is followed by a treatment regimen to help reduce sebum production and blemishes while rehydrating devitalized skin prone to inflammation -60 minutes *Rosacea Facial: $70.00. This soothing facial is designed to treat sensitive skin conditions. This treatment utilizes calming extracts such as German Chamomile, Oatmeal and Calendula to reduce inflammation -55 minutes 
*Essential Revitalizing Facial $110
This facial is designed to revitalize the skin with a calming, yet effective cleanse, peel, hydration, exfoliation and gives you that amazing glow. -55 minutes
*Moisture Drench Facial: $110.00. Designed for moisture-deprived skin, this treatment will replenish the skin with restorative herbal extracts designed to maximize hydration. Vitamin-rich  cassis replenishing cream with hyaluronic acid adds moisture content while antioxidant mask restores vitality to the skin. -55 minutes *Lunch Break Facial: $40.00. A quick pick me up when time is of the essence! (Comes with cleanse, exfoliant, shoulder massage, mask, head rub and moisturizer)-35 minutes *Just extractions: $10.00 per ten minutes *Microdermabrasion Lunch Facial: $55.00. None of the foo-foo stuff, just pure procedure! (Cleanse, microderm, mask, moisturize. Has no turn over time)-35 minutes *Back Facial: $55.00. Perfect for break out prone backs, or before going out in a backless dress. (Comes with double cleanse,  luxurious exfoliant, extractions, massage, mask, head rub and moisturizer)-45 minutes